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During July and August, 2010, GMC taped many promotions for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. They interviewed Jane and Joe about aspects of filming, guest stars and the backstories of Michaela and Sully. In addition, Joe answered fan-submitted questions. GMC also made many creative promotional videos.

I have assembled here a selection of these spots for fans to view. Just click on any picture, and a new window will open in which to watch the promotions. The size of the viewing window will vary with each clip. Close the window to return to this page. I recommend viewing on a Firefox or Safari browser with Quicktime if your broswer does not work.

My thanks to GMC and to Sue B for enabling me to put these together. I shall be post more, if future promos are added by GMC. If you have difficulty viewing any of the videos, please contact me and identify the problem clip by its title.

2010 Labor Day Marathon with Jane and Joe at End

Where Is Sully Season 6 Promo

Joe Passion Interview

Joe Learning to Speak Cheyenne

Joe on the Long Hair

Joe on the Background of Sully

Joe Stars in Eyes Marathon

Joe on Country Singer Guest Stars

Joe on Carrying Kenny Rogers

Joe on June Carter Cash

Joe on Riding a Horse

Commando Lando

Sully Marathon-July 5, 2010

Guest Stars Marathon-August 7, 2010

Jane Season 6 Promo

Jane on Michaela/Sully Romance

Season 6 Starts Now

Joe on GMC Web Page

Joe on Season 6 Premiere

Jane Lost Episodes Found

Jane on Michaela's Back Story

Jane on Sully vs Daniel

Joe Season 6 Almost Here

Joe on Playing a Cowboy

Fan Question-Speaking Cheyenne

Fan Question-How Joe Got Job

Fan Question-Another Dr. Quinn

Fan Question-Challenge of Sully

Fan Question-Play Sully Again

Fan Question-Joe & Jane Project

Joe on Johnny Cash

Season 6 Countdown

To Be Continued....

Dr. Quinn the Movies Promo

Jane's Favorite Christmas Memory

Joe's Favorite Christmas Memory

Promo for Dr. Quinn Movies, Valentines, Jane's Birthday 9:00 PM

Promo for Dr. Quinn Movies, Valentines, Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00 AM

Promo for The Heart Within and Jane's Birthday February 15 9:00 PM

Promo for The Heart Within February 16 11:00 AM

Joe Promo for "Goin' to See the Doctor"

Promo for Sully-thon: Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promo 20th Anniversary Marathon: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Promo How It All Started: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jane on Sully v Daniel II: Sunday, February 10, 2013

To see even more about Joe Lando's promos, including photos and a brief video I took when I met him in Atlanta, visit Judy's Official Joe Lando Web Page's special page by clicking on the banner below:

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