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I have gone outside of my comfort zone and written a non-DQ fan fiction, but it's still related to Jane and Joe. After watching Perfectly Prudence, I wrote the scene we never got to see at the end of the movie. Click on the title to read: Perfectly Prudence-The Epilogue

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photo courtesy The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

It has been a dream come “pru” for Dr. Quinn fans to await the new Hallmark movie Perfectly Prudence, starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando, to premiere on January 8, 2011 at 9:00 PM ET. Our favorite duo took some time on December 16, 2010 to answer fans’ questions about the film and working together again. Here are clips of their answers and Hallmark Channel videos, too.

How was Prudence different from Quinn?

Filming in a private home, aging and scars

Hallmark behind the scenes of Perfectly Prudence

Hallmark Preview 1

First DQ kiss compared to Prudence, Jane talks about Joe’s wife Kirsten

Jane talks about impact of Dr. Quinn

Joe Lando talks about the Prudence story

Joe Lando talks about working with Jane again

Jane on working with Joe again

Katie Flynn talks about filming in Michigan

Katie Flynn talks about the Prudence story

Katie Flynn talks about working with her mother, Jane

Matt Jones talks about working with Jane

Jane on working with her daughter, Katie Flynn

Jane on working with Valerie Azlynn

Katie Flynn on writing vs acting

Joe on working with Katie Flynn

Katie Flynn on appeal of Prudence story

Katie Flynn on working with Joe Lando

Matt Jones on working with Joe Lando

Behaving badly, trailers and treats

Chemistry, kisses

Joe on inspiration from his father

Turn the tables (tabled), miss working together

Jane's son's band, PT5

More Prudence?

Painting inspirations, Grand Rapids Fun, Pru Pointers

Dr. Quinn questions, rehearsing for Prudence, Joe directing James, Michaela and Sully revisited

Prudence web site, Realism with Katie, Is that a Gibson?

Outtakes, cracking up, developing the characters, touching plot, opening heart

Talk show Prudence promos, Prudence III in Hawaii or Bath

Void in first movie, family reactions

Favorite paintings, pink peony

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